Sullivan Flynn

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Introduction to the Enneagram in the Workplace

This foundation workshop and individual debrief, provides participants with an understanding of critical self awareness and why it is important in today’s workplace. Individuals get a thorough grounding in the Enneagram system as a tool for providing insight into themselves and others as they develop their ability to self manage. This workshop includes a one to one coaching session held approximately three weeks later to give individuals an opportunity to further internalise the material, discuss the issues that may have arisen around their own strengths and challenges and to facilitate increased transfer of learning’s to the workplace.

Team Development and Communication

The program combines the essentials of the Enneagram in the workplace with practical exercises to appreciate how our interpersonal communication styles which are inherent in each of our personality types affect our work relationships.

Leading with Emotional Maturity

The Sullivan Flynn leadership program works from the premise that while sound leadership requires knowledge at a technical and interpersonal  level, even more crucial is the leader’s ability to develop the critical self awareness associated with a high level of emotional intelligence. Consequently the core components of our program provides tools and techniques for continuous personal insight and development as well as skill building.

Building Productive Relationships in the Workplace

This workshop is a follow on from the ‘Intro to the Enneagram in the Workplace’. It combines practical exercises with a deeper understanding of the Enneagram system and its application to people management. It is custom designed according to the needs of the group, but the key areas may include, team alignment, performance management, change management, conflict resolution, building resilience and development of leadership potential.

‘Bringing insight to build capacity’

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