Sullivan Flynn

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Practical Performance Management

Individual one hour sessions are held approximately three weeks later to give individuals an opportunity to further internalise the material, discuss issues that may have arisen around their own strengths and challenges, and to facilitate increased transfer of learnings to the workplace.

Developing Resilience

Become aware of your individual personality indicators of stress and discover ways to manage them as you develop a pathway to greater emotional maturity. It is becoming more critical for employees to have the capacity and skills to work autonomously and be multi skilled in several areas of work. An awareness of “self” is the foundation for building the resilience required for today’s workforce.


The Sullivan Flynn coaching program encourages individuals to move to  deeper levels of self awareness and transformation.

  1. Typically consists of three to six confidential sessions by phone or in-person.

  2. Can be designed to be conducted to take place before and after workshop-based training or as stand alone sessions.

This coaching process may be structured to last for three months to a year, according to the participants needs.

Public Program

This entry level full day workshop has a business focus and is also sought after for personal growth and development. The session will provide a good understanding of the Enneagram system of development, and practical insight into ‘why we think the way we think; feel the way we feel; construct reality the way we do’.

‘Bringing insight to build capacity’

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